Our History

The Beginning

In November 1941 a group of beauticians met in Norfolk Virginia and organize an organization in the Tidewater area the group consist of school owners salon owners and beauticians officers were elected president Mabel Carter of Norfolk, Sec. Candis Darden of Suffolk, financial secretary Elizabeth E Lassiter of Norfolk and treasurer Bretie Henderson of Newport News’ a board of directors was elected and committees were appointed .The Work Began. The meetings rotated from Suffolk, Portsmouth and Newport News and back to Norfolk. At the Norfolk meeting the association was named the “Tidewater Beauticians Association.” The president also suggested at this meeting that the organization should become a state association. A committee visited Richmond and secure their membership to help built a state association. The association was invited back to Richmond to have their state conference at the state capital .At the conference the name was change to ''Negro Beauticians of this State of Virginia Inc.'' The charter was presented to the organization and Newport News on June 1943, by the late attorney Jay Byron Hopkins of Richmond, Virginia. At the invitation of Pauline Walker of Portsmouth, the association became a member of the National Beauty Culturist’s League Inc. Maude Gadsen of New York chairperson of the beautician’s volunteer corps being (BVCs), visited the meeting in Portsmouth and organized the BVC. October 1944 during World War II they made many contributions as volunteers. They work with the Red Cross, trained and helped with the first aid classes, brought and sold bonds, and stamps and served any USO services. In 1947 Lucy B. Jones of Danville began the annual pageants. The trophy was won three times in succession by the Norfolk. local with Elizabeth Lassiter, Gertrude Moffet and Effie Mizell serving as chairpersons for the pageants .The president at that time was Mabel Jackson. The Trail Blazers of Beauty Culture were honored at the Hampton meeting in 1950. Mrs. Sarah Ward of Gloucester won a certificate of merit for outstanding work in a community. Adolph's Beauty Products Company presented in association with a beautiful silver floating trophy for the local doing the most outstanding work for the advancement of beauty culture. The winners were Norfolk, South Hill, and Danville. The president at that time Ruth T Valentine introduced the idea of the Institute of Cosmetology to the association. The first Institute was held in Williamsburg, Virginia with 21 students in attendance that first graduation was held in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1952.with 6 students completing the course. In September of 1959 a home and lot was purchased at 6615 Palem Rd. President emeritus Florence H Bland from Petersburg ,Virginia. Mrs. Bland served faithfully from 1985 to 2002 completing a 17 year term of service.

On Tuesday April 2002 in Portsmouth, Virginia another chapter in our history was written with the election of this sixth president Dr. Regina C. Lundy of Suffolk, Virginia. If we believe the campaign slogan ''God Our Leader Business Our Priority and Membership Our Goal,'' we will collectively make this organization what the trailblazers had envisioned. September 2010 began a new administration with a seventh president Dr. A. LaVerne Canada. At the 2011 National Convention Dr. Canada was nominated to serve on the nominating committee for the 2012 election of officers for Theta new Sigma national sorority Dr. Richard T Newman was nominated to serve on the nominating committee for the 2012 election of officers for the National Beauty Culturist’s League Incorporated. In 2013 she came full circle being the first President to have two chapters VA; Hampton and Fredericksburg, both having the most members under age 40.National President Katie Catalon extended to Dr. Canada the following quote:" As the Va. State President you have exhibited the love that many may seek, and may never find, have the heart that holds the language of love, sacrificing to substain the foundation of the legacy inherited from the great pioneers left to you to continue the quest for excellence in the beauty profession. The LaVerne Canada Scholarship Award is now available.