Virginia State Beauticians Association Inc. - Education For The  Beauty Professionals

To the Officers and Members of the Virginia State Beauticians’           Association
I am most grateful for the support that you have given to VSBA as we plan our seventy-fourth Convention and sixty-fifth trade show. We are forever grateful for our Heritage and our pioneers that worked so we could have these opportunities. The road was made easier for us to tread but its harder to stay on the straight and narrow without the leadership of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With that being said, if each of us do our part to become the “Legacy” we are destined to be, things will fall into place. After serving you as your president for the last four years, I see the organization has grown to the point where we are about to dramatically enhance our visibility, strength, unity and our educational department. I thank you for your untiring support and I pray that you would take on the task that you pledged with all your heart and soul. Your commitment is what will make the VSBA Annual Conference successful. Blessings to each of you,
Dr.A. Laverne Canada Pres. VBSA- (434)221-1337
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