Virginia State Beauticians Association Inc. - Education For The  Beauty Professionals
                          CHAPTER  &  VICINITY
The purpose and objects of the organization is to endeavor, to secure, establish and maintain the confidence
of the public by encouraging standardized scientific approved methods of hair, scalp, nails and skin treatments as practiced by qualified, licensed and trained individuals in services. To value scientific advice and protection for our members. To raise and maintain the standards of the Beauty
Culture profession. To promote the social welfare of all our members, to aid those who are sick and distressed and to generally encourage a spirit of cooperation between cosmetologists and the communities we serve.
     Our officers are Dr. Rose Massenburg, President, Dr.Dorothy Carr, 1st Vice President, Mrs. Lucy Walker, 2nd Vice President, Mrs. Otelia Greene, Interim Recording Secretary, Mrs. Ruby Dance,Corresponding Secretary, Dr. Maggie Caple, Treasurer, Dr.Anita Jones, Assistant Treasurer, Mrs.
Mary Pegram, Financial Secretary, Dr. Arlethia Gilliam,Assistant Financial Secretary, Dr. Dollie Hudley, Parliamentary, Mrs. Arnetta Mason, Chaplin and Dr.Barbara Blakes Sick Committee.
Our community services are donating to the VFW Post 120,The Care Shelter of Petersburg VA,Sickle Cell, Salvation Army and Coat Drive for Children.
Dr. Rose Massenburg
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