Virginia State Beauticians Association Inc. - Education For The  Beauty Professionals
                  Newport News and Vicinity Chapter of Beauticians
 In 1941, two beauticians, Mrs. Sarah Norman and Mrs. Bertie Herndon, formed two clubs Apex and Poro. They decided they wanted to join a State Association. Two of the members, Mrs. Spratley and Mrs. Bernice Moore, invited Norfolk and Richmond, to Newport News. They met at Taborian Hall. From that day, the three cities met four times a year, trying to get qualified as a state organization. In the meantime, they put on different projects to raise money. Our clubs tried to get charter under the name “Negro Organization”, but they were rejected because of the name. They did not give up; the next year they tried again, and won under the name: “Beauticians of the State of Virginia”.
           The first state President, Mrs. Mable Carter, second, Mrs.Jackson, third Mrs. Ruth Valentine, who served for twenty-five years until retirement. Our local chapter was named “Newpor tNews Chapter of Beauticians” . In later years because of the many members from neighboring cities and counties the name was changed to “Newport News, & Vicinity Chapter of Beauticians”. The order of our president sis as follows: (1) Mrs. Bertie Herndon, (2) Mrs. Alice
Everette, (3) Mrs. Ellen Tyler, (4) Mrs. Blanche Lawrence, (5)Mrs. Christine Love, (6) Mrs. Alice Everette, (7) Mrs.Addie Underwood, (8) Mrs. Ann R. Taylor, (9) Mr. Virginia Perry,(10) Mrs. Mary Bush, (11) Mrs. Catherine Pettaway,(12) Mrs. Mildred Slade, (13) Mrs. Serena Lindsay, (14) Mr.Maurice Thornton (The first male President in the State of Virginia), (15) Mrs. Mary Bush, (16) Mrs. Lula Wright, (17) Dr. Betty Crawley.
   We steadily made progress in these 51 years. We have members who compete annually in the Val’s Scholarship Foundation of the State of Virginia Beauticians Association. We’ve won more than any other chapter in the state and we’ve served the community in various ways, such as contributions to churches and hospitals twice a year,as well as civic needs of the community and monthly contributions to the food bank. Our outstanding annual project is our service to Patrick Henry Hospital patients. Once a month, a group of our members go to the hospital and give professional service. We observe our anniversary annually (the forth Sunday in November). We worship church in a body, mostly churches that the members belong to followed by a program, a memorial service for our deceased members,
and a dinner. We observe National Beauty Salon Week, the second week in February annually, at which time,many services are rendered. We continue to strive to care for our sick and disable for some 70 years. We made great contributions to the Beautician Home. One of our greatest achievements is the fact that we hold the highest record in the state’s Queen Contest, and third in the nationals, two national kings and one state king. So many of these accomplishments were encouraged by Dr. Blanche Lawrence who served as State President for almost twenty years. She passed while still in office which prompted Mrs. Florena Bland (Vice President) to take over office as president.From this history report, you can see that our service is felt throughout the community, but our success has depended upon the support you’ve given us.
We take the time to say, THANK YOU! We humbly beg you for your continued support that we might grow stronger both physically and spiritually.
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