Virginia State Beauticians Association Inc. - Education For The  Beauty Professionals
                    Fredericksburg Vicinity Cosmetology Chapter
                FVCC was reorganized in September 2010.
      FVCC has had many functions over the last few years but to name some were DMV RIP the Runway Hair Show Decemer 11, FVCC the Soul Train Throwback Party June 16, 2012 donated to the Rappahannock Council of Domestic Violence, FVCC Pink Passion Breast Cancer Awareness Social October 28, 2012 for a cure for Breast Cancer, Tribute to Gerald Levert, Teddy Pendergrass and Marvin Gaye February 15, 2013,
Evolution of Hair Show April 28, 2013 part of proceeds donated to FVCC scholarship fund. We also gave to Empower House for Domestic Violence on ladies Thanksgiving 2013, Christmas 2013 we gave toys to Hope House which helps families get back on their feet, and four $50 Walmart gift card to families in need. FVCC had color class with Free Limix Italian product that vendor and fellow FVCC member Jason Kim and Ingrid Riley gave and after Christmas Party on 29 December 2013was a huge success for family and friends we had a raffle which we gave money to the NAACP. We just had our annual Beauticians and Barbers Ball 01 February 2014. FVCC forward Movement!!
Past Presidents were Helen Gregg, and Crystal Coleman
President - Reverend O’Dell J. Parker, Jr., Joined in 2011 (Barber Instructor) Vice President - Linwood Smith, Jr. Joined in 2011 (Barber Instructor) Secretary - Pamela Bond Joined in 2010 (Cosmetology Instructor, Asst. StateCorrespondence Secretary)
Asst. Secretary - Helen Gregg joined in 1962 (Cosmetology Instructor, State Correspondence Secretary)
Treasurer—Tushiba (Tuttie) Banks joined in 2010 (Cosmetology Instructor)
Chaplain - Tom Davis joined in 2009 (Vendor)
Historian - Bertha Hodge joined in 1957 (Cosmetologist)
Member Director - Clarence Clay Young joined in 2012 (Vendor)
Asst. Member Director—Jason Kim joined in 2013 (Vendor)
Sgt At Arms—Crystal Vessels joined in 2013 (Cosmetology Instructor)
Parliamentarian—Nikia Haynes joined in 2011 (Mater Esthetician)
Asst. Parliamentarian—Tasha Vessels joined in 2013 (Cosmetologist)
MEMBERS: Crystal Coleman joined in2009 (Cosmetology Instructor), Teresa Lively Joined in 2013 (Cosmetologist),Charon Tensley joined in
2013 (Cosmetologist), Melissa Sewell joined in 2013 (Cosmetologist), Nina Campbell joined in 2013(Cosmetologist), Charissa Childrish joined in 2013 (Cosmetology Instructor), Taryn Stubbs joined in2010 (Cosmetology Instructor), Tina Woods joined in 2012 (Cosmetology Instructor) Teresa (Reecee) McNease joined 2012 (Cosmetology Instructor), Claudette Witherspoon joined in 2014 (Cosmetology Instructor).
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